About Liz Diaz

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and have been in Chicago for over ten years.  I love books - adult and children's, baking and cooking, the piano, and being outside.  I have two sweet children and an amazing husband.  I live on the westside of Chicago in a primarily Latino neighborhood.  Often I am the minority and I find that to be a true privilege.  Listening to other people's stories and their perspective is of utmost importance to me.  

Delivering my first child is what initially sparked my interest in becoming a doula.  After attending a few births and then having my second child I realized what a passion I have for supporting other mothers as they labor and deliver their children, as well as supporting women in the vulnerable postpartum period.  

My background in biology and bioethics has helped in understanding how to better ask questions and provide the needed support at a birth whether it's a natural, unmedicated birth, a cesarean, or anything in-between!